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  • Operations and paper-work
  • Quality control

With many successful projects in our experience, we know how to do it.

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We are living in a world of constant IT talent shortage. But there is a surprisingly high level of idle developers across R&D centers. This made us come up with the idea - why not create a hub connecting developer teams to businesses that are in need of IT services?
We make it easy for companies to have tailored software crafted for them while providing high standards of cooperation in all aspects - from formalities and project management to software quality.

Anton Vlasenko

CEO and Co-founder

Building an IT team can be a real pain

The unmet demand for IT jobs in the EU accounts for ca. 450k. A similar situation takes place in the US.

- based on Code.org® report

Cost per hire for an IT professional can be as high as 13k $

- based on Stack Overflow article

Interview process with one tech candidate in the EU takes 24.4 days on average.

- based on Glassdoor survey

Get an estimate for your
project in just 10 days

We invest our specialists’ efforts in
the success of your project

Get a pack of project kick-off assets:

- Project development road map

- High-level list of features

- Budget estimate based on timeline and development road-map

- Project risks evaluation and mitigation plan

- Consultation regarding preferable tech stack

- Advice on project development process and building the MVP

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Professional Project
Management for your product

Your project will be managed with PMI
standards and the best practices of Agile&Scrum

At Bunch Consulting, PM
professionals are responsible for:

- Coordination of team work

- Preparing realistic schedule

- Software development lifecycle planning

- Budget, scope, and timeline control

- Manage project risks

- Providing clear and transparent reporting

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Kick-off your project
just in 2 weeks

Your team will be staffed in 2 weeks.

Based on our extensive network and access to several development centers across Ukraine, we are able to piece together teams of a wide range of expertise.

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EU based company

Warsaw - Headquarters, Sales and Account management office

Berlin - Support office

Kyiv - Delivery and PM office

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Estimate of your project

Contact us and see how it works.

Estimation assets pack for your project consists of:

  • - project road map
  • - list of features
  • - budget estimate
  • - project risks evaluation
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We know how many problems may appear throughout an IT project. We’ve already faced all of them ourselves for you. With number of delivered projects within 10 years of combined experience, we guarantee to turn your idea into a fully-functioning product or service.


We’ve established strong partnerships with the most talented specialists in Ukraine. Our network consists of 2000 developers with a background in different industries and platforms, who cover wide range of technologies.


Development centers network allows the client to connect with certain engineer and build tech teams. The whole SW development cycle under control of our tech experts. You will get a developer for your project with defined and agreed experience claimed while negotiated.

Project Management

Our certified Europe-based project managers will make sure the right goals and realistic timelines are set. With one point of contact, you will always know what the stage of the project is, having full control over your budget.

Working with Scrum and Agile, you will get clear and informative reporting regularly. Thus you keep an impact on the project development at any stage. Together, we'll mitigate risks and lead your project to success.

What clients say about us

The Bunch team has a unique style of collaborating. They are very receptive to feedback and modification as we grew our tech stack and roadmap. Thanks to Bunch Consulting's efforts, the team has executed a seamless workflow through regular meetings and excellent documentation. We evaluated several different Software Development firms. After having a conversation with Bunch, and understand our problem - they were quickly able to provide the support we needed. Bunch Consulting is outstanding in terms of team staffing timing. Almost immediately the new team member would start contributing to our Sprints.

Viktor Jagar

Cleveland, Ohio


We have implemented a fully custom ERP and CRM system. It is always a super-challenge for a business, managers, employees. Bunch Consulting business analysts, developers, and project managers have done a great job. Tons of requirements, docs, and software implementations into the company's daily processes were done. Agrotek made a giant leap in terms of working with clients base, supply management, agro-machinery service and sale. That was one of the key steps to become the best John Deere distributor in the region.

Roman Bondarenko



Bunch Consulting helped us with a complex project – they delivered all tasks within the schedule. The communication was effective and all our questions were answered. Their expertise shed light on what the top priorities of our project were, and helped us avoid some costly mistakes. Thanks to Bunch we completed our project within the budget. The timeline was also well-estimated. I gladly recommend developing your IT project with Bunch Consulting.

Jeffrey Neto



The team took over and successfully completed a legacy project for my consulting firm's website. Bunch Consulting flawlessly fixed all the bugs and tied up the configurational loose ends. Our communication was effective from the very beginning and I always knew what the status of the work is. All the tasks were completed in a timely and transparent manner. Their expertise is truly impressive! I’m happy to recommend their services.

Felix Aschenbrücker

Felix Aschenbrücker



We have worked with Bunch Consulting in a mobile application project for bank employees. The app design was completely satisfying our needs, the development phase performed clear and fast. Everything delivered in-time and within budget expectations. Special thanks to project managers who made all of this possible. I will proceed to work with the Bunch Consulting team. As this is the team I can rely on.

Michael Gumanovsky


Managing Director

It was very well organized, and their time estimations were very good. Bunch Consulting was responsible for helping develop the features of a sports team management platform. Working on both web and mobile apps, the team of five worked towards finishing the solution. Bunch Consulting delivered in a fast and accurate manner. Their communication was perfect, and the team maintained a high standard of organization at all times.

Tobias Trusch


Product Owner


Content Status

SaaS system that analyses the quality of product descriptions all over the eCommerce platforms where the product is listed


React, Redux, Node.js, TypeScript, FireStore, Python

What was done by Bunch Consulting tech team:

Reanimation of the project with an outdated code-base to meet the MVP launch expectations. In terms of stability and functionality.

Developed tight integrations with different web-scrapping services that allowed Content Status to flawlessly analyze the effectiveness of product listing on different platforms (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.).

The system recognizes and reports if a picture, title, and description of a product are not matched.

Scaling the team fast and good enough to keep the development at a high pace while new users have been onboarded.

Serverless solution provided with options to build custom reporting system that works smoothly for independent users' settings.

Along with the development the Bunch Consulting provided business/requirements analysis and quality assurance services.

The Bunch has become a dedicated development center for Content Status.

Banking mobile app for field agents

A mobile app for field agents who work in rural and sign loans with people right away.


Xamarin (iOS and Android SDKs), IDE Xamarin Studio

What was done by Bunch Consulting tech team:

A full-cycle mobile app development - from the very first draft of UI design to cross-platform application development with Xamarin framework.

UX/UI that grab all the functionalities together in several screens with big buttons and signs. The main challenge is to ensure the smooth work of a field agent and make it possible to sign off a deal with one hand.

The app is deeply integrated into the bank ecosystem, that's why Xamarin was chosen.

At the same time, the app is easy to run even on an old smartphone. So that we make it possible for the bank to enter the African market and equip field agents with cheap and accessible devices.

Our resources available for you


active delivery centers
and companies-partners


Web Devs

Ruby on Rails, Node.js, AngularJS, PHP, React, Python, .NET


Android Devs

Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, Java, Fabric, Firebase, Realm, Crashlytics


iOS Devs

Swift, Flutter, React Native, Objective-C, Fabric, Firebase, Realm, Crashlytics



UX/UI, illustrations, Animations, Branding


QA Specialists

Runscope, Postman, SoapUI, Charles, TestRail, Appium, Fabric

Estimate of your project is one email away

We invest the efforts of our specialists in the success of your project.
Clients trust us and we appreciate this.

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Get your project kick-off pack of assets:

  • - Project development road map
  • - High-level list of features
  • - Budget estimate based on timeline and development road-map
  • - Project risks evaluation and mitigation plan
  • - Consultation regarding preferable tech stack
  • - Advice on project development process and building the MVP
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