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Although the exact release date is still unknown, we can expect it to be sometime around August or September. That is when Google usually releases the final version of a major Android update. But for now, the first Android 12 public beta has just become available for certain devices, and if you are brave enough – you can take a plunge. 

At the recent Google I/O conference, we could finally get a glimpse of Google’s latest operating system, Android 12. And for all we know, several cool new features are waiting.

New privacy features

Google has upped its privacy game with Android 12. With the new privacy dashboard, the user will be able to see which apps are accessing their personal data and how often. You will also be able to see when an app checked your location, for how long, and whether it was done in the background.

Android 12 update

Redesigned notifications

Notifications will have a new design, to make them more modern and functional. When you click on a notification, you will be taken to an app or action you want to take right away, without going through an intermediary service to start that action. 

Customized colour themes for Pixel phones

You will have a lot of fun playing with the new colour palette feature and redesigned widgets.

Double-tap options

There will be a new feature that lets you tap the back of your Android phone a set number of times to trigger the chosen action. So you will be able to easily take a screenshot, play and pause media or launch Google Assistant.

One-handed mode

The new OS also includes a few design changes that facilitate operating Android phones with one hand. All you need to do is go to the settings menu and turn on the One-handed mode. 

Trash and recycle bin management

Android has a hidden Recycle Bin/Trash feature. Even though Google itself has not announced it yet, XDA-Developers dug into the code for Android 12 and found the Trash option settings. It seems that you will be able to see how much storage space your trashed items take up and clear the trash you need.

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