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aka Bunch Consulting is turning three!

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\ˈbʌntʃ \ NOUN
a group of people; a number of things, typically of the same kind, growing or fastened together.

October 19th 2021

Hi friends, colleagues, and those who are just getting to know us! 

We are Bunch Consulting – an IT agency focused on software development and business digital transformation consulting. Aka a bunch of professionals always working on cool projects for cool clients. 

You are probably used to reading on our blog about new tech products, new operating systems, business tricks to boost your results. That’s true, our content is pretty smoking hot. But today is a special day… because we have just turned three years of age! 

Today we are not talking about investors, project management, or a startup kit. Today we want to share our memories, impressions of these 3 years, and plans for the future.

Bunch Consulting

A bunch of memories…

Since the beginning, we have passed a difficult path (like many over the past couple of years), but we persisted! 

Over those three years, the IT market changed and evolved tremendously. But so did we! And the one thing that has always stayed true for us, is the dedication to constant growth and constant development. Because Bunch always has a plan! Since this is a team of experienced leaders who have already come a long way and created Bunch with a lot of experience behind them. We were not afraid of challenges:

– And if we have to change our annual plan four times in three months because the world turned upside down?

We do!

– And if we need to work from our homes because oops suddenly there is a lockdown?

We do!

And we continued to work from home and delight clients with results for their businesses, which were also going through difficult times.

Our ability to thrive in all circumstances was put to the test several times. Yet, we’ve succeeded with every client, building for them strong, communicative, responsive teams. And together, hand-in-hand, we’ve created wonderful software products!

In the last 3 years, alongside our partners, we have made over 40 tech projects! We’ve worked for startups and large corporate systems, for mobile and web, for finance, for retail, for real estate, for travel and for healthcare. We were delighted with the success of every demo, and when the product was released to the world. Each project is a goal to make the client’s business better. And that’s the victory!

Bunch Consulting clients

A bunch of friends…

We would like to celebrate several of our clients who have come a long way along with us over the years and have become one big team!

… Agrotek, the official representative of John Deere in Ukraine, has built a global system to digitize the business processes of agricultural machinery sales and service.

… Quipu, a software development company supporting the ProCredit Group’s IT projects. We’ve been chosen twice for the implementation of tech tasks for the company!

… Content Status – we’ve worked together for two intensive years on a full refactoring and development of Saas products for eCommerce sites.

We are beyond grateful to each and every one of our clients. For your trust and cooperation; for the inspiring projects and exciting startups, for the challenges and the final results. And above all, for believing in the power of technology!

A bunch of plans…

At Bunch, we always improve and expand our capabilities. This spring, our Startup Kit project has kicked off, and we have already helped two startups raise funds! At this point, five companies are leveraging the power of Startup Kit and presenting their prototypes and MVPs to the investors.

Currently, we are working on launching an email newsletter! We see it as an opportunity to spread the knowledge about the newest trends in finance, retail, real estate, investments and healthcare. We are always happy to share our experiences in our daily work. And to share the knowledge we analyze and systemize to keep our expertise up to date.

We pay a lot of attention to startups, hoping to disseminate advice and helpful information for those making the first steps in the MVP definition and project assets preparing to get the investments. It is a significant step to build a strong base for the brand new tech company.

A lot of content on the above topics can already be found on our LinkedIn and blog. We would be happy to be of service!

Bunch Consulting team

A bunch of people…

None of the plans and achievements would be possible without a strong and dedicated team. So today, we want to send a big shiny THANK YOU to all the professionals who make Bunch the special place it is.

To all our sales teams, marketers, business analysts, project managers, designers and, of course, tech teams, we appreciate you. This journey would be unimaginable without you! We love to see all of you grow – with some, we’ve been on this trolley since day one. 🙂

Each Bunch team member is a dedicated and passionate professional!

Together we are the power of Bunch!

A bunch of reflections…

There are so many lessons learned over the last three years, that condensing it all into a paragraph is virtually impossible. So we’re not gonna bother trying 🙂 Instead, we wish to share one of the main lessons we caught on pretty early on:

An IT company is NOT just about technology. 

An IT company is about business development with technologies. 

While implementing an IT project, you need to know not only the tech part, you need to know the industry. Understand how technology can help businesses become better, competitive, productive, and profitable. Only this way the ideal tech product for a business can be realized. Bunch helps the client connect opportunities with technology.

That’s why Bunch is both technology and consulting. Because we understand both sides of the story!

And each of our clients gets more than technology – a competent tech-savvy partner who invests all the experience and professionalism to achieve the business goal of the project.

Thank you all who are with us! Who were and who will be! We are always here for you to achieve great goals together!


 Bunch Consulting

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