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If your retail business is struggling because of the current lockdown, it is time you moved to a door delivery mode. Many tasks need to be organised to enable a smooth shift. The prime among them is finding a delivery app.

In this article, we will guide you through the most important features, practical tips and things to keep in mind along the process.

Why retailers should go online

Imagine there was no coronavirus outbreak. Even then it is time to enhance the current business model with an online delivery system.

People are becoming more and more busy and if anywhere they are relaxed and unhurried, it is on cyberspace. Customers feel comfortable and safe while shopping online – it’s becoming the new norm. The Corona pandemic and the resultant social distancing have made online business more significant than ever.

So, whatever be your area of business, making it online is the way to go. In fact, the transformation has become quite easy with the emergence of delivery apps. But you need to find the right retail delivery app to effect a smooth shift. 

What are retail delivery apps?

Delivery apps offer what is technically known as the last mile connectivity with the customer. For example, you have a textile store and a customer has ordered a dress through an online shop, over the phone or on social media. How do you send the dress to the customer?

That is where delivery apps step in. They work both on mobile and web platforms. Once you integrate a delivery app to your sales channel, it springs into action immediately when the customer completes the payment. 

It alerts the nearest delivery person who is best suited to take the dress to the customer’s location in the shortest time frame. It must be noted that delivery apps allow people to sign in and work as delivery persons. 

The delivery person comes in, picks up the dress and delivers it to the customer. The movement of the delivery person right from he or she gets the assignment till the delivery can be tracked in real time.

Whenever the customer calls and asks for details, you do not have to huff and puff. You can give the exact location of the item at that point and how long it will take to reach the customer’s place.

Customer service will become a breeze by incorporating the right app.

What do you gain from retail delivery apps

There are many advantages of using delivery apps and integrating them with retail business. Let’s examine the most important ones.

1. Automated assigning process

Once an order is made, everything is automated. Tracking the delivery person’s and the intended recipient’s locations, assigning the order to the right delivery person and then tracking the movement are all automated. 

The business owner can forget about the nitty-gritty of delivery and focus on the business and customer service. 

2. Enhanced Customer Relationship

An online delivery app can strengthen the link between customer and retailers through a CRM system. It will facilitate better communication with the customers. 

It can store customers’ basic details like birthdays and anniversaries. It also allows the retailer to send suitable and customized messages automatically through emails or as text messages. 

It further allows the retailer to address customer grievances and concerns in a systematic and professional manner.

3. Customer database

The delivery apps keep a database of customers so that retailers can use it to send targeted promotions to the customers later. This will help a business owner to figure out who is buying what easily and accurately. 

4. Ease of use

Perhaps the best thing about delivery apps is their ease of use. No technical know-how and software proficiency is needed to embed them into the retail business process. It is almost like plug and play.

5. Business growth

Finally, a good delivery app will catalyse the business growth. Whatever be your sector of business, it can accelerate the rate of growth. It will be a real boost for retailers of food, clothes, grocery, footwear and much more. 

Things to check when picking a delivery app

Delivery apps are not quite uncommon. You must have heard about the popular food delivery apps like Uber Eats and multi-products delivery apps like Glovo. 

How do you choose a delivery app? You need to understand certain things. Otherwise, it may not produce the desired results.

1. Delivery personnel

Amidst the software specifications, the human element must not be ignored. Unless you have your own delivery personnel ready, choose a delivery app that has delivery persons in the areas where your customers reside. 

2. Seamless integration

The next important point is the integration of the delivery app with your existing online platform. Application programming interfaces (APIs) and sometimes tweaks on the existing databases will be required for the integration.

The retailer will have to check the onboarding process the delivery app offers. There must be various stages of onboarding and a time frame for each stage. 

If everything is fine, onboarding should be complete within a week or a maximum of two weeks. 

If you do not have an online sales platform, it is the right time to get your own!

3. Real-time tracking

The delivery app should have a GPS tracking facility. It will allow the retailers to track the delivery from dispatch to product delivery. Such a feature helps to maintain outstanding customer service.

4. Value-adding features

Count the value-additions of the app before you choose. There can be many value-adding features. 

Some apps offer CRM modules along with the app. It will streamline the communication with customers. It can send emails, short messages and push notifications. 

Some apps come with a delivery scheduling option by which the users can schedule their delivery in advance according to their convenience. The app also has to include the delivery estimated time to notify its customers.

Let’s get it done!

Delivery apps can bring back the sales that corona has moved and even make it better than before. We are ready to help you shine in the online world by using the right tools. Whether it’s integrating an existing solution or developing a new application, we make the process as smooth as possible. Message us at hello@bunch.consulting with a short introduction on what you would like to achieve and we will come back to you with a project estimate and suggestions on the optimal solution.

Let us develop your delivery app

We are excited to start!

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