UI/UX Design

It’s hard to overrate the importance of design. It makes the first impression of your product. More importantly, a smart design of your project offers a great user experience to satisfy customers’ needs.

Our designers create smart UX and neat UI for mobile and web applications. Your brightest ideas may become real with Bunch Consulting. As people do judge a book by it’s cover, we strive to design all apps with the best styles

Illustrations & Animations

Apart from elegant designs and excellent experiences, Bunch Consulting offers catchy illustrations and smooth animations to breathe life in your products.

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The digital world has become brand-driven, so it’s crucial for your company and products to stand out in order to attract users and make the right first impression. To help your product show off its ideas and become recognisable, we also offer a branding service.

Our teams of designers and illustrators specialize in branding and identity for companies and products. We create catchy logos that present your brands in the best way possible. And we design corporate styles to help your identity stand out against your competitors.

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Share your ideas with us and we’ll create stunning presentations of your products to attract customers as well as investors.

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Sales Office

Grzybowska st., 80/82, office 709
Warsaw, Poland

Support Office

House A, 1st floor, Edisonstrasse 63
Berlin, Germany

Development Service

Sverstyuka st., 2А, office 511
Kyiv, Ukraine

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