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E-commerce App – 5 Essential Steps to Win

How to develop a winning e-commerce app?

Written by Bunch Consulting

Forget desktop. Literally all reputable studies show that business owners should think “mobile first”. An app is a natural step in scaling an e-commerce business. Be it an online shop, marketplace or a booking service.

In the world of e-commerce, returning customers are crucial. The acquisition is getting simply too expensive, especially in the times of almost forced digitization caused by the virus we all know about. A well-developed app that works perfectly on both Android and iOS devices is obviously one of the most important factors in gaining traction and minimizing churn as much as possible.

There is a question that stops many people from pursuing their business goals:  how should a person who does not know much about mobile app development go about making one?

Here are five steps that will lead you to a successful mobile app, especially for e-commerce companies.

1. Figuring out the users
2. Finding the right features
3. Fixing the pain points
4. Focusing on sales
5. Finalizing the developing team

1. Figuring out the users

This is perhaps the most important point. Think about who is going to use the app. Broadly, there are two types of users: external users and internal users. External users are the customers and internal users are the staff members of the business.

The app must cater to both types of customers. It is especially important for e-commerce businesses, which involve a number of field staff. The app should make their life easier in addition to encouraging the customers to buy more.

e-commerce app

2. Finding the right features

What are the features that you want in the app? There is no dearth of apps in the market and you can find umpteen features in them.

But tread cautiously here.

As a rule of thumb, users mostly engage with just above 50% of the total features available in the apps, especially in e-commerce apps. It is important to not stuff the app with too many fancy features. Such features could delay the app development and increase the budget, but may not contribute much in terms of user satisfaction. 

The bottom line is to make the features as easy as possible to use, but do not make too many features that distract the users from their original intent.

3. Fixing the pain points

This is an often-overlooked point in the fixation with deadlines. Customer pain points can be deadly for any app. The first impression is usually the last impression for mobile apps. So test your app thoroughly before releasing them to the public. Users should be able to smoothly navigate and seamlessly complete the tasks available in the app.  

In addition, make your existing staff aware of the uses and aims of launching a mobile app. 

Develop a solid and well-equipped customer support system to help the users as well.

e-commerce app

4. Focusing on sales

The app should focus on sales. This focus should not be buried in the heap of technical aspects.

However, not every technicality and every feature should be geared to increase sales. If users can engage well with the app (it’s fun/solves their problem/helps them, etc.), the sales will increase naturally.

5. Finalizing the developing team

Talking about technicalities, there are far too many technical aspects to app development that can frighten a lay person. It is impossible to learn the significance of each and every jargon. 

That is why it is important to find an experienced and reliable developing team. Take your time before you make a final decision on the development partner. Study their history and check out their previous apps. Communicate with them and use your common sense.

Choosing a wrong software house can ruin the best laid plans. Find the right app developing company, and higher sales are yours.

At Bunch Consulting, we’re taking the app development to the next level. Very often, contacting a software house is not enough. You may be bombarded with countless questions that you will struggle to answer on your own. We speak both languages – business and IT. Our professional project managers will guide you through the whole process. Our development centers are full of talented programmers, so we make sure that you’re using the right technology.

Let’s talk about your business goals. Contact us on hello@bunch.consulting to schedule an online meeting with one of our certified specialists. 

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