Five things to avoid in project management

Five things to avoid in project management

We've summarized top mistakes that usually jeopardize projects.

Written by Bunch Consulting

What you see is not what you get – this is very often the case with project management

All things seem to be going nice and well one moment, but there will be absolute chaos the next moment. It is a bit like sailing before the advent of weather-forecasting and radar technologies. You never know when you are going to run into the rough seas and heavy winds.

Fortunately, new technologies and do-all tools have emerged in the project management domain too. Still, project management remains an eminently human thing. 

All the project managers’ apps from the Silicon Valley do not wash away the need for human competency. 

Here are five basic things that a project manager must avoid to achieve that competency. 

1. Saying a firm and quick “no”

Saying a strong “no” may sound very macho and thrilling. However, it can do more damage than even timid silence. Project management is all about handling teams from diverse backgrounds and skill sets. A slow and partially right decision is far more desirable than a quick and wrong decision. 

So avoid a quick “no”, unless you are absolutely sure about it.

2. Being too polite

Don’t say “no” quickly, but be firm in meetings and interactions. No need to be afraid to express your requirements and dissatisfaction. Sometimes, being too polite can be misunderstood as being weak. You may lose a sense of control over the day to day events.

So never let too much politeness come in the way of expressing yourself promptly.

3. Too much watching from sideline

This happens when you work with people and teams with high reputation. You tend to watch from the sidelines, thinking that the people and teams know their tasks well. This is a surefire path to disaster. Each project has its own challenges that can waylay the best of resources.

So do not just watch the teams perform; lead and manage them. 

4. An eye for detail

This is a great thing to have in any job, but not in project management. The problem with a PM with a keen eye for detail is that they end up reporting even the minutest of flaws, while missing the big picture. Every project tends to have its flaws and bottlenecks. There is nothing called an ideal project management equation.

Sometimes, it is better you miss a harmless flaw than spending time and resources on finding, reporting and resolving it. 

5. Getting stuck

There will be situations when the sky looks all set for falling down. However, there will always be a way out of that situation. Just find it.

Never get stuck, whatever be the situation and however grave it is. Focus on a simple immediate thing or even follow the plan you already have. Things can change for the better too.

To sum up, keep the above five traits away and use the best project management tools available. Soon, you will realize that you are getting what you have been seeing.

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