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At Bunch Consulting, we take great care to ensure only experienced teams work on your projects. We work with a diverse range of developers, designers, and quality assurance specialists to meet the needs of each client we start working with.

Why do tech professionals choose to work with us?

It’s simple. Experienced specialists eagerly work with Bunch Consulting, as we match projects with teams that have relevant experience. So design and development talents work on projects in which they can show off their best expertise. That’s the reason IT specialists benefit working with Bunch.

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Here, in five steps we explain how Bunch Consulting works.

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Explain your ideas

You explain your ideas. Describe the challenges and goals your business needs to achieve. We can start partnering no matter at what stage your idea is at the moment – be it just some thoughts and ideas or a project which is already in progress. We can tackle it.

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We estimate your project’s development and offer the best solutions for it, from business analysis to technologies and architecture of your product. The final word rests with you. Together, we discuss your requirements until we know we’re on the same page. After that our project managers build teams with relevant experience to ensure we can deliver your product flawlessly.

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Now, meet the team!

Your project manager will introduce to you the team which is going to make your ideas a reality. Communication means a lot, as it’s a key part of successful cooperation. So you can contact any developer or designer to discuss your project’s goals and requirements. At this stage, together with the project manager you’ll set the next steps of our work.

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Development stage

Your dedicated team works hard to build your product. Our project and account managers contact you regularly to ensure you’re satisfied with the process. They also share updates with your project plan. We provide fully transparent operations, so you regularly receive reports which you can discuss with the project manager. We manage your product development while you can focus on your business.

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Release & support

Yeah! Your project is delivered on time and within budget. At this stage you can celebrate and we help you release your project to ensure you have no difficulties. Now you can discuss the next steps with the project and account managers, which can include support of your product or the start of a completely new project together.

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