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iOS 14 features leak - top things to know

iOS app owners - get ready!

Written by Bunch Consulting

More and more users are looking for the iOS 14 release, since the recent update (iOS 13.5.1) has left Apple fans with some serious problems.

Thanks to the leaked code of iOS14, a lot of new functions are unveiled. Let’s take a look at what we can expect!

Home Screen

The tech giant will add a new home screen list view option, combined with Siri suggestions. Based on such factors as time of the day and location, Siri will offer apps needed exactly at a particular moment. Also, the new feature will allow to filter apps with currently unread notifications and view recently used apps.


It seems that a native app codenamed Gobi will allow users to discover the world around them using augmented reality. The AR experiences could be triggered by QR codes, iBeacons or AirTags. The code, obtained by 9to5Mac, also indicates that this release will feature integrations with Apple Store and Starbucks. Users will be able to e.g. view information about the products and compare the prices in the Apple Store just by holding their iPhones.

New iMessage features 

It’s possible that a vast range of new iMessage features will be included in this release. Apple is developing a Slack-like tagging system, allowing users to get notifications from group chats. Additionally, the new features will presumably include retracting iMessages, typing indicators in group chats, as well as the possibility to mark a message as unread.

Accessibility features

Apple is said to include a sound-detecting feature in the iOS 14, which might be particularly helpful for people with hearing loss. Sounds like fire alarms, sirens, doorbells, and cries of a baby will be probably translated into haptics.


Rumours suggest that iOS 14 will be officially released in September 2020. The developer version is expected to be available at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), happening this June. If past years are any indication, we might assume that Apple will drop the support for iPhone SE, maybe for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

iOS app owners – get ready

Each iOS update is a huge opportunity. It’s extremely important to revise and refresh the apps, so they use all the new features to the maximum. We’re ready to help you adjust your app to this release. Apple will roll out the updates gradually as usual, so what you need is a team that’s ready to act just when this happens. We’re ready to provide you with that… and more! Let us know how we can boost your current app on hello@bunch.consulting.

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