Java beats Python as the most popular language

The number one has changed.

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Java is the most popular, JavaScript is the most common and Python adoption is still growing.

According to JetBrains query, the three most popular programming languages are Java, JavaScript and Python.

To confirm the new State of Developer Ecosystem 2020 report, the IDE maker asked almost 20,000 developers to see the latest trends in programming languages, tools and technologies.

While Java is the most popular, JetBrains found that JavaScript is the most used language.

As part of the annual Developer Ecosystem Survey, the company asked developers to choose three programming languages that are (in their opinion) primary in today’s world. Although Java is the most popular overall, the results showed that JavaScript scored 39% beating Java (37%). In the third place was Python with 31%.

In an interview with The Register, JetBrains said that one of the reasons why Java is considered to be the most popular, is that a lot of developers use JavaScript as a part of their projects. However, they don’t spend that much time working with it.

Rising programming languages

The rising popularity of machine learning is one of the reasons behind such an outcome. Python was the most-studied language, and the almost third part of asked developers began or continued studying it last year.

Also, Microsoft’s TypeScript is becoming more and more popular, and it’s used to work with large JavaScript codebases. The use of this language has increased significantly, and now it’s primary for 12% of developers.

When it comes to adopting new languages, developers plan to reach for Google’s system programming language Go, JetBrains’ Kotlin and Python. In the fourth place is Mozilla’s system programming language Rust, and the next are TypeScript, Apple’s Swift and Google’s Dart.

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