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Bunch of tools for start-ups. Discover our new service – the Start-Up Kit

It’s not easy to start. And it’s even harder to start up. Our Start-Up Kit is here to help!

Written by Bunch Consulting

We used to work in startups, we used to be a startup, and now… We help startups! Our experienced Bunch has created a new service – the Start-Up Kit. It’s a must-have set of tools and activities for anyone who’s planning on creating a new IT product.

Since the very beginning of our journey at Bunch Consulting, we’ve been approached by many (future-)entrepreneurs with a vision and an idea for a new product or service. That’s why we’re now confident about what is absolutely essential to start a successful project. And – here’s the best part – we can do it at a fixed price, within 3 weeks!

Most of the start-ups fail. Why?

Here’s the brutal truth: even a billion-dollar idea isn’t worth a dime without a solid foundation. In the fast-paced and highly competitive IT world, a classic business plan is not enough.  Without a proper understanding of your goals, perspectives,  defined market advantages and target consumer group, any start-up is doomed to failure.

start-up kit

Our answer? The Start-up Kit!

But don’t let the potential hurdles put you off. The Start-up Kit got you covered. Our Start-Up Kit is designed specifically to gather all the information needed for creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). MVP is an early-stage version of your product or service that offers the essential value that is just enough to acquire the first clients and gather data useful for further development.

The Start-Up Kit – what’s inside?

Assets package required to start your product  that we will do for you over 3 weeks.

Product Vision Statement  User Value Flow  Competitive Landscape User Segments ► Strategic Roadmap

User Story Map MVP Definition

Clickable Prototype (with key features)  Architecture Diagram Detailed Estimate

Detailed examples of StartUp Kit assets you can find at the specially dedicated page  https://bunch.consulting/startupkit/ and get familiar with every document.

The Start-Up Kit – how much does it cost?

$6,000. Plain and simple. No hidden fees.

The Start-Up Kit – how exactly will it benefit YOU?


Being prepared for the early challenges of product development will increase your chances for a smooth start. But being prepared AND supported by a professional team? That’s how you shoot for the stars!

We will go through all the steps together – from the idea development to creating a detailed MVP plan for your product. Together, we will precisely define your product concept, business goals and project objectives. We will prepare a clickable prototype, tech solution, and detailed development estimate.  None of the challenges will you face unassisted. 


With the Start-Up Kit, you will maximize the value of your idea and have clearly formulated goals and perspectives. You will have all the data to pitch-perfect. Moreover, you will have a tangible product – a clickable prototype.  It will be a priceless element when first approaching the investors. After all, no one particularly likes to make bets in this business. Fortunately, the prototype will give you and your investors an understanding of how your product interacts with the customer, how it brings value to the market etc. 


From the project management point of view, the Start-up Kit will let you kick off the process faster so that you market your product/service sooner (and start making money asap!). If you decide to continue the cooperation with us, we will be able to staff your project immediately. Our team will be already familiar with your project so that the development could start as soon as possible. 

Start-up kit

Still not 100% convinced? Here is a boost of inspiration!

Do you know what Twitter, Dropbox, Zappos and Facebook have in common? They all started out with an MVP. 

MVP adds an undisputed value to the startup journey, so it is hardly a surprise to see how many companies that started with an MVP eventually have gone on to massive fame and fortune. That’s why an early definition of the core value proposition and a good plan of launching the MPV is an essential factor for success. 


The original Twitter prototype was created for internal users at Odeo as a means for sending messages to other employees and viewing them on a group level. Initially, it was released to a small group of people for testing and gaining feedback. Many of the features we know now, were not included in the first few releases of the product, allowing the platform to focus on its initial goal.  (Defining the core value proposition is critical – see?).


Before showing the working product to users, the Dropbox team created a 30-second video that visually demonstrated their project. They received tons of positive feedback from captivated people. This early customer research enabled the team to validate their ideas and confirm the market demand for their product. The key was that the original product was simple and contained only the essential features.

start-up kit

Sounds good? Okay. So how do we start?

The first step is to email us at startup.kit@bunch.consulting. Whether you’re interested in the StartUp Kit or still hesitating, we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Then we will send you back the non-disclosure agreement. This document protects you and your Intellectual Property from theft of confidential information, illegal distribution or infringement. For us at Bunch Consulting, security is always a top priority. We want to make sure that all of your ideas are safe from the get-go. 

Last but not least, we sign Non-disclosure and Intellectual Property agreements. We take our clients’ ideas seriously, so we guarantee full privacy and safety. After we settle the documents, we set up the first meeting, during which we discuss all the details and first steps.

And then? Then, day by day and week by week, you will see your project coming alive. The road to success may seem bumpy. But one thing you should never do is waste a great idea. With the StartUp Kit, you will unlock its fullest potential at the very beginning.

Let’s go! It’s time to show your startup to the world!

Develop your start-up with us

We are excited to start!

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