Team.center - Bunch Success Story

Bunch Success Story: Team.Center

Another happy client joins our portfolio!

Written by Bunch Consulting

We’re happy to present a successful project of custom software development that we at Bunch Consulting completed earlier this year. The project involved revamping Team.Center, a free online platform for sports teams to organize team meetings and events.

Here we briefly narrate the background of the project, the client’s requirements, the technical aspects involved, and the end result.


Last winter in November, we got a lead for a new project through LinkedIn. The task was to revamp team.center, a platform that allows sports teams to conduct meetings of their team members and other stakeholders online. The client is based in Switzerland. They are very passionate about providing such a platform free for sports clubs, especially local football teams.

Client’s Requirements

The client wanted a product that allows its registered member – a player, team official, or a stakeholder of the club – to perform the following tasks:

• Log in to the platform
• Create a meeting or event (event means e.g. a coaching session)
• Add other members to the meeting or event
• Opt out or participate in the meeting or event that others scheduled
• View which of the other members are participating in a certain event
• Finally, get some data analytics for each member’s activity.

The client, who had been associated with a local football club, clearly understands the problems faced by the club members in organizing training programs and matches and how an online platform could help.

Technical Aspects

The client had an existing website that he wanted to revamp. It was created on the Angular development platform. After an initial analysis, we agreed upon a deadline of April 30, 2020, with the following phases:

1. Analysis of the Angular framework.
2. Review of the existing code.
3. Improving the code for streamlining the app’s functioning in multiple platforms for both web and mobile versions.
4. Implementing the new features.
5. Testing and deploying the revamped app for public use.

We started the project in December 2019. The software professionals led by our tech experts were well-versed and experienced in using Angular libraries and coding. The team also had top-class front-end developers and seasoned programmers for creating back-end APIs.

At Bunch Consulting, we always understand the need to keep the client abreast of even the minute developments regarding the project. It is more so for this kind of revamping project. 


We delivered the project some days ahead of schedule in April 2020. The client has given an excellent review here, in which he was particularly impressed by our “fast and accurate delivery” and “speed of communication”.

The platform is working very well, with as many as 11752 users in 4131 teams using it. It remains free and seems to be a great help for the sports clubs during the days of social distancing.


We are excited to start!

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