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What’s New in Android 11

Check our quick review of the new features.

Written by Bunch Consulting

Google has released the beta of Android 11. For now, it’s available only on Pixel phones. 

The original release is likely to take place in November later this year – also exclusively on Pixel devices. As usual, Google will take its own sweet time to make it happen on other devices.

So, what is special in Android 11? Here is a quick review of the new features that caught the eye on the latest version.

Notable Notifications

The notifications panel that you see on top of the home screen has gone for some revamp. Now it’s more structured and easier to organize. The new version has three easily identifiable and intuitive sections on the drop-down notifications panel:

1. Conversations
2. Alerting notifications
3. Silent notifications

Conversations have all the notifications from the chat apps. You can bubble each of the notifications from all chat apps that will float over the other screens if needed. Now, only certain apps like Facebook Messenger, have this bubble option. In Android 11, every chat app will have this option.

The notifications panel also allows you to mark the priority notifications. It is also possible to customize the notifications. You can choose, for example, which app’s notifications should go in the section of silent notifications and which app should not.

Handy Power Menu

The Power Menu allows you to control the electricity on your home or office through your mobile. It’s already available on other devices. But Android 11 seems to have aced it. It is remarkably intuitive and easy to use.

Quick Screenshots and Share

There is a quick menu for capturing the screenshots and sharing them. Just two taps are all what it takes to do that. No more pushing the buttons simultaneously or rolling your fingers magically over the display. Just tap ‘Screenshot’ and ‘Share’.

There are some other re-arrangements of icons and options within the menus. For example, the media-playing option is now available on top of the home screen. 

Overall, the Android 11 Beta version looks smarter, though sans any breakthrough wow feature. But such a feature could well arrive when the final version will be out later this year!

Do you think your Android app could benefit from the new features? Let us know at hello@bunch.consulting, so we can help you refresh your current UX!

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