Mobile eBanking app

A fully functional mobile banking app for free thinkers, freelancers, rebels, and entrepreneurs.


Swift, Kotlin, MVVM, ObjectMapper, Python, PostreSQL, AWS, REST

What was done by Bunch Consulting tech team:

Full-cycle mobile app development, from scratch to release the MVP and further development and growth. The MVP was done with a tight schedule due to investments roundups.

UX/UI design that put together a number of banking features inside a single app in a smooth and user-friendly way along with animations and gamification.

Micro-service architecture has been implemented that allows providing the scalability and flexibility of the banking service. As for now, the application is constantly growing in terms of functionalities, security, and the number of users. So the good and proper architecture solution based on Node.js services and data processing with Python at the very beginning ensured the success.

The application allows users to receive and send money, make a purchase, transfer money between their bank accounts and own an in-app card.

Smooth integration of different libraries allowed implementation of such features as documents recognition (data input from docs' picture), credit scoring, SSN check, etc.

Banking mobile app for field agents

A mobile app for field agents who work in rural and sign loans with people right away.


Xamarin (iOS and Android SDKs), IDE Xamarin Studio

What was done by Bunch Consulting tech team:

A full-cycle mobile app development - from the very first draft of UI design to cross-platform application development with Xamarin framework.

UX/UI that grab all the functionalities together in several screens with big buttons and signs. The main challenge is to ensure the smooth work of a field agent and make it possible to sign off a deal with one hand.

The app is deeply integrated into the bank ecosystem, that's why Xamarin was chosen.

At the same time, the app is easy to run even on an old smartphone. So that we make it possible for the bank to enter the African market and equip field agents with cheap and accessible devices.


A fully functional custom ERP, CRM, BI (all in one) platform for the leading John Deere distributor in Ukraine


C#, .NET, MS SQL Server

What was done by Bunch Consulting tech team:

Business processes analysis to clearly define the system requirements and implementation stages.

Clear and transparent documentation structure and modern approaches ensured a flawless features implementation process.

Starting with the CRM module, step by step, the Bunch Consulting team automated the daily routine of sales, supply, service departments.

The OLAP-based analytical system gave clear visibility at every level of management. To make it possible we developed a custom OLAP engine powered by Microsoft SQL Server.

Different departments have had to work across the client and vehicle base, smoothly transfer data, control orders, and suppliers, debts, and balances. All of that was possible with powerful tools which work in an integrated infrastructure - .NET. C#, MS SQL Server.

Content Status

SaaS system that analyses the quality of product descriptions all over the eCommerce platforms where the product is listed


React, Redux, Node.js, TypeScript, FireStore, Python

What was done by Bunch Consulting tech team:

Reanimation of the project with an outdated code-base to meet the MVP launch expectations. In terms of stability and functionality.

Developed tight integrations with different web-scrapping services that allowed Content Status to flawlessly analyze the effectiveness of product listing on different platforms (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.).

The system recognizes and reports if a picture, title, and description of a product are not matched.

Scaling the team fast and good enough to keep the development at a high pace while new users have been onboarded.

Serverless solution provided with options to build custom reporting system that works smoothly for independent users' settings.

Along with the development the Bunch Consulting provided business/requirements analysis and quality assurance services.

The Bunch has become a dedicated development center for Content Status.

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