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Helps you to organize team events - pure & simple


Angular, Ionic

What was done by Bunch Consulting tech team:

Review and analysis existing code of cross-platform mobile and web apps.

Improving the code for streamlining the app’s functioning in multiple platforms for both web and mobile versions.

Implementing the new features.

Testing and deploying the revamped app for public use.

Taxes payroll software - Retrotax - Bunch Consulting


Full-service administrator of the federal and state tax credit and incentive programs for business


Node.js, Java, AngularJS, jQuery, MongoDB, ColdFusion, Bootstrap, MS SQL Server

What was done by Bunch Consulting tech team:

Tax credit platform remastered to add integration with Google Drive API and build-in custom gateways for enabling connectivity of Retrotax partners and identify users via tax ID (Tax Credit ID)

Developed our own plugin that easily can be configured and implemented into Retrotax partners’ web-systems. The plugin makes it able to fast registration of new employees in Retrotax TCID

Developed Retrotax FEZ Application to implement a SPA that serves as an internal tool for receiving and validating the address data of Retrotax users. So that tax credit programs could be matched based on the employee’s address of registration

Took part in a development process of the RetroTax’s internal application running parallel tests with a web configuration panel (Selenium), on multiple OS, browsers, and versions

The system is integrated with IBM Watson to get access via the web to Retrotax partners’ file systems and automatically recognize the employees’ data and import it into the Retrotax TCID

Room sharing SaaS - Roomster - Bunch Consulting


The biggest Room sharing SaaS in the United States


React Native, JS, Webpack, Protractor, Redux, Sass, express Node.js, Bootstrap

What was done by Bunch Consulting tech team:

The full cycle of the product development: SaaS-based back-end, mobile apps, web-version

To provide scalability and flexibility of the service the modular architecture implemented into the system

UX design - every single user flow was designed on our side to meet the client’s vision of customers experience

There are several security features implemented to make the SaaS safe and secure solution

Specific microservices were developed and implemented to enhance productivity and scalability of the service

Onezoo Bunch Consulting


A Platform to Gather Offers of Products tailored to a Wide Range of Users, in a Wide Range of Industries in a Single Place


PHP, PhoneGap, HTML5, CSS3

What was done by Bunch Consulting tech team:

The back-end side of the system is developed with a single database and flexible architecture

The development of the front-end with full gestures support to make the simple and fast UX

A family mode is added that allows several users to use the app simultaneously

The automatic notifications and reminders sending system is implemented to ensure the pets’ needs are satisfied on time

A payment system integrated to support secure credit cards payments

The system is integrated with global search engines to ensure the search is fast and accurate

Geolocation is implemented to direct users to the closest supplier or shop that in a partnership with ONEzoo

Email notifications and fast messages are implemented to sending invoices and controlling goods supply as well as reporting

There are flexible tools in the system to set up users permissions so that the ONEzoo platform is able to work with companies of diversified structure and prevent any fraud or data thefts

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