Fashion Wallet

Crypto wallet for GEN Z built on the CO: IN platform and supported by the Crypto Name and Mnemonic Pic technologies


Flutter (Cross-platform)

What was done by Bunch Consulting tech team:

Smooth UX and UI design with fully functional mobile banking

iOS and Android mobile apps development

Integration of mobile platform with blockchain environment and crypto-wallets

The mobile platform is integrated with bank accounts

Implementation of a flexible encryption system that is handling a bank and crypto-currency data transfer security at the mobile device

Stellium Music

Simple and convenient music streaming service


PHP Yii2, Swift(iOS), Kotlin(Android)

What was done by Bunch Consulting tech team:

Full-cycle development of the product: web-platform and mobile apps for iOS and Android

Developed and implemented algorithms for personal recommendations «Follow You» to enhance the user experience

Designed and developed a fully functional admin panel for editors and content managers

Implemented tools that give an ability to promote separate tracks, individually composed playlists, and channels of artists

A network layer is implemented to the system to provide users with high-quality audio and video streaming

Analytic reports, sets of indicators on a dash-board were implemented to receive an objective and instant auditory feedback


A highly personalized mobile solution offering individual treatment plans
for high-risk patients


React Native, SalesForce

What was done by Bunch Consulting tech team:

The back-end side development that operates with the mobile app

Flexible and simple to use functional architecture development to meet the client’s requirements in terms of good users experience and systems performance

The developed platform is universal and cross-platform by added Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit integration

The flexible push-notification system is developed

Data encryption is implemented to protect users personal information


Full-service administrator of the federal and state tax credit and incentive programs for business


Node.js, Java, AngularJS, jQuery, MongoDB, ColdFusion, Bootstrap, MS SQL Server

What was done by Bunch Consulting tech team:

Tax credit platform remastered to add integration with Google Drive API and build-in custom gateways for enabling connectivity of Retrotax partners and identify users via tax ID (Tax Credit ID)

Developed our own plugin that easily can be configured and implemented into Retrotax partners’ web-systems. The plugin makes it able to fast registration of new employees in Retrotax TCID

Developed Retrotax FEZ Application to implement a SPA that serves as an internal tool for receiving and validating the address data of Retrotax users. So that tax credit programs could be matched based on the employee’s address of registration

Took part in a development process of the RetroTax’s internal application running parallel tests with a web configuration panel (Selenium), on multiple OS, browsers, and versions

The system is integrated with IBM Watson to get access via the web to Retrotax partners’ file systems and automatically recognize the employees’ data and import it into the Retrotax TCID

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